Who are you?

We are the people who created Change is Good: Louis Rossetto and Erik Spiekermann, themselves. The Digital Revolution was all about disintermediation. We eat our own dog food.

Is Change is Good really only available here?

We did an insanely successful Kickstarter in September — 1800 percent funded, the second most successful novel in Kickstarter history. Unless you can find one on Ebay, this is the only place you can buy them. Just joking. Change is Good is also available at Erik's print lab p98a — in Berlin.

Can I ship outside the US?


Is the book packaged well?

We designed and custom-manufactured a tough cardboard box specifically for Change is Good to make sure that it arrives in your hands undamaged. It is thick and strong and extends well beyond the edges of the book to protect it.

Can I get a taste of Change is Good anywhere?

Wired published an excerpt from Change is Good here.

Does Erik have a website?

Yup. At, appropriately, www.spiekermann.com. But he's much more active on Twitter: @spiekermann. Louis is less active on Twitter: @rossetto. And you can find Spiekerstuff at Erik's print lab/publishing company site: www.p98a.com.