Two legends collaborate

Louis Rossetto and Erik Spiekermann are precisely the right people to create this special book. And they’ve know each other for 30 years. 

Louis @Author

Louis Rossetto is the co-founder and original editor of Wired. Wired’s mission was to write the first draft of the history of the Digital Revolution. Adweek called Wired “the hottest magazine” in the 90s. It was nominated for a National Magazine Award in each of the five years Louis was editor, and won twice.

But Wired didn’t just cover the Digital Revolution, it helped make it happen. It kicked off web media when it launched Hotwired, the first website with original content and Fortune 500 advertising — Wired literally invented the banner ad. John Brockman called Louis “The Buccaneer” in Digerati, his book about the leaders of the Digital Revolution.

Louis knows this story.

Erik @Printer

It’s no exaggeration to say that Erik Spiekermann is a design hero to his 320,000 Twitter followers. He’s built two global design companies, MetaDesign and Edenspiekermann, and created the preeminent source for fonts, FontShop. You’ve seen his work everywhere, from his ubiquitous Meta typeface, to his work for countless clients as diverse as Audi, The Economist, and Red Bull. It’s no surprise, he’s won every possible design award.

But Erik started his career at 17 as a typesetter in a letterpress shop. And now he is returning to his first love, letterpress printing. He’s started p98a Berlin, to publish and print high quality letterpress books. For the past two years, he has been working on new technology to create the best way to print high quality books in the 21st century. He calls it “post-digital printing.”

The Post Digital Printing process is the culmination of Erik's amazing career as a pioneer and his passion for typography and design.