A Story from the Heroic Era of the Internet.

Every generation has its creation myth

The creation myth of the Digital Generation.

CHANGE IS GOOD in the news.

"Captures the optimism, greed, fervor, and madness of that era."


"In the age of iBooks and Kindles, it's rare to see a book

whose physical form is nearly as intriguing as the content itself. 

Such is the case with Change Is Good." 


"Marrying the quality of letterpress with the latest typographical advances." 

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A Story from the Heroic Era of the Internet.

In the 1990’s, they came from all over the world. Young people with fire in their eyes and big dreams in their hearts flooded into South of Market, San Francisco, the epicenter of the Digital Revolution that was changing everything.

We now live like settlers in the world these young pioneers created. But for those young revolutionaries, the future was uncharted, full of wonder and risk. In the face of insurmountable opportunity, they had only their optimism, their grit, and each other.

Change Is Good is the novel that tells their story — at the precise moment when their utopianism was turning into the orgy of the Dotcom Bubble.

Written by Louis Rossetto, the co-founder and editor of Wired, the self-proclaimed “Mouthpiece of the Digital Revolution,” Change is Good is a labor of love, written over the past 12 years to reconnect to and celebrate the optimism and courage of the young pioneers who changed the world forever.

The Digital Revolution perfectly parallels the ferocious disruption and explosion of knowledge birthed by the start of the Information Age – an age made possible by a then revolutionary new technology: the Gutenberg printing press.

What better way to release an iconic story of the Digital Revolution than to print it on a classic letterpress using a revolutionary new printing method: Post Digital Printing. 

Change Is Good is a book. In many ways, the best quality book ever printed. It’s also the start of a new printing revolution – the first book Erik has published using Post Digital Printing that marries the advances of modern typography & design with the quality & artisanship of letterpress.